Our Story

Each of us have our own favorite places in this world. Whether that's where you call home, root on your favorite team, your city's top landmark, or go to connect with nature.
These places hold meaning because of the memories unique to each of us. 
Our mission is to create artwork that captures those moments using dots as representation of those memories made and ones to come.
A stadium we cherish is home to the Tigers of Missouri. Little did we know a trip to watch a game as juniors in high school would kickoff a Fall Saturday tradition that continues to this day. From dramatic wins to heartbreaking losses, whether with friends or family, each game was a moment in time that shapes our view of the stadium. None of which is more important than that first game which became the catalyst for where our story began.
What started out as Christmas gifts for friends has since evolved into a passion project of which we are very blessed to participate.
We all have places where we long to go but more importantly, places we will never forget. Let the walls of your home or the shirt on your back be a display of those special places and memories you cherish.
Anna & Matt